Types of Pool Tiles

Many swimming pools are landscaped using tiles. These tiles are not just there for their looks they are there for safety reasons to create a non-slip area. The right tiles added to the surrounding of a pool can make it look clean and modern and add value to a home.

Although there for safety reasons, deciding on the most appropriate tile to add to the surrounding area needs some thought. There are a number of tiles that will suit this job. Taking a visit to a tile store may be a positive step in deciding what type of tile will suit your home and pool, yet still have those necessary safety features.

Porcelain pool tiles are a tile that may be suitable and the glazed tile will be more appropriate than the clear tile as it is harder and has a better non-slip surface. They are still subject to breaking when subjected to a heavy impact. These are available in a variety of shades.

The stone tile has earthy natural colours. Stone tiles require treating for wet areas as they are able to absorb water. The tiles have to be treated before installing and require further treatments every couple of years.

Mosaic tiles can create some beautiful patterns, but consume time when being installed. They require cleaning every so often due to algae and mold build up. They are ideal however for feature areas.

Glass pool tiles are another product for use around swimming pools. These are a robust tile and are available in iridescent or frosted finished. If using glass tiles these needs to be of a textured glass type to prevent slipping.

Ideas about what would suit the surrounds of a swimming pool may be found in pool brochures, home magazines and a search of the internet sites.





Interior Home Design Basics

Designing your dream home is no easy task. Of course, everyone would love the opportunity to create something from start to finish in their vision, but more often than not, when push comes to shove, not everyone is ready for such a huge undertaking. There is so much to account for when designing a home’s interior, from wall color to furnishings and appliances to flooring, lighting fixtures, entertainment centers… the list goes on. Here are some of the most important things to consider in your renovations.


Color is everything when it comes to home design. Different colors can create different moods throughout the house. In the bedroom, for example, it’s great to choose a color that relaxes you, something serene and peaceful that encourages sleep and tranquility. In the kitchen however, you might opt for a brighter look.


Designing the perfect lighting scheme is one the most exhilarating parts of interior home design. The lighting you choose will enhance the color scheme of the home. Depending on the style you choose, it can completely transform the look.


Choosing the right flooring for your home is just as important, if not more important than choosing color and wallpaper for your walls. Don’t overlook the flooring in your home just because it gets walked all over. A company like The Art of Living would help you in choosing the perfect floor for your floor plan.  Is it natural stone that you dream of? Lush carpets? Modern stone? The choice is yours.


Make the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom can often be frustrating as it can be like a puzzle thinking where to place everything to get the most out of the space. Planning where to put to the toilet, sink and shower with enough clearance space plus where to place the storage and towels can be stressful. So here are a couple of tips on how to make the most out of your small bathroom space:


Use the corners of the room so not to waste any space. There are corner sinks, baths and Aqualisa Rise showers which will fit right in to the area and take up much less space than if they were in the middle of the wall.

Under the Sink

Use the space under the sink for a cabinet and storage, rather than using more space for storage. Create a built-in cupboard or vanity area around the bottom of the sink to save on space.


Instead of a glass door, use a shower curtain around your shower tray. It may not look as elegant as a door, but it will take up much less space as a door needs room to open and close.

Mirror Cabinet

If you need storage for smaller items, the perfect space saving item is a mirrored bathroom cabinet. For use as a mirror but also a cupboard, it will be placed over the sink and save on having to install a cabinet anywhere else in the room.